Writer, lecturer, expedition leader, adventure guide, communication manager, project leader.

”I have joined Natalie on many of her trips now. Of all the wonderful experiences we had together, the best is the snorkelling with the sea lions on Galapagos! I did not even think I could snorkel! Natalie securely taught me how easy it was. Reading Natalie´s log book from the trip, or watching my videos from her lectures, always makes me remember and smile.”

Betty McGuire,Guest onboard Coral II, 2006

I work with social entreprenuership, NGOs, have published two books about my work. The first about when I was in Sudan with Doctors without borders and the second when I was travelling to different countries working against child sex trade.  Next year I will publish my third book, but my first novel. However based on true stories from trafficking.

I have  for the last 15 years travelled around the world as expedition leader, guide and lecturer.  I have an extensive knowledge in and experience of diverse places people dream of visiting. I have led groups on a professional level to all the latitudes of the world. From north to south I have worked in areas such as Svalbard, Greenland, Lappland, India, China, Japan, Ecuador, Peru, South Africa and Antarctica to name a few. By taking photos, writing logbooks, giving lectures and safely and comfortably taking people to the places they find most interesting, I make sure that they go home with the best experience possible and memories for life.

I lecture and give speeches about my work and adventures.

To buy my books, book me as a lecturer or make a travel request/know more about my travels, please e-mail me at nataliegerami@gmail.com or send me a message via the form below.

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